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What is FAC File and How To Open It?

What is FAC File?

FAC file stands for Facade File Type. The primary association of the FAC File Extension lies with the X-Plane Façade File Type. X-Plane is used in both professional pilot and amateur flight simulation training.  Since photorealistic surroundings are part of a simulation, X-Plane uses the building facades rendered upon specifications in apk files. It is a simple text file that includes several statements that define the structure and look of a building façade to be rendered. 


                    The FAC file format has two versions, “Type 1- rectangular, UV-map” and “Type 2- 3D, mesh and warping”.  FAC  files do not include any images; they just pass instructions on how images should be applied and then rendered. FAC files are always used in conjunction with the actual artwork and are meant for editing in the text editor.   


Software that supports FAC files on various platforms



Converter Pro

Mac OS




From face



Steps to open FAC Files

If you cannot open the FAC file extension, it can  `have various reasons behind it. The important thing is that the user resolves all the common problems related to the files with the FAC file extension. This process is very quick and does not include an IT expert.


Step 1. Install XnView software

The main and the most frequent cause precluding users from opening FAC files is that no application can handle FAC files is installed on the user’s system. The easiest solution is to download and then install the XnView program or one of the programs given below: Converter Pro, from the face, Unix.


Step 2. Update XnView to the latest version

If you have already installed XnView on your systems and FAC files are still not opening properly, verify if you have the latest software version. Sometimes software developers also introduce new formats in place that already support newer versions of the programs.


Step 3. Set the default application to open the FAC files to XnView

After installing XnView, associating file formats with the default application may change in the details depending on the platform, but the basic process is very similar.


The process to change the default program in Windows.

  • Select the Open command with entry option from the file menu, which is accessed by the right-mouse clicking on the FAC file
  • Next, select the Choose another application option and then use the More apps tab and open the list of available programs.
  • Finally, select the Look for another application tab on this PC, point to the folder where XnView is installed, and click on the checkbox.

The process to change the default application in Mac OS.

  • From the drop-down list, access by clicking on the file with the FAC extension and select the Information.
  • Find the “Open with” tab and then click on the title if it’s hidden.
  • Select the appropriate software and save the settings by clicking on the “Change all” tab.
  • If you had followed the previous steps, a message should appear: This change will be applied to all the files with FAC extension. Next, click on the Continue button to finalize the process.

Step 4. Check the FAC for errors

Does the problem still occur after following steps 1-3, then check out if the FAC file is valid or not. if you are unable to access the file can be related to various issues such as:

1. Check the FAC file

2. Ensure that the file with FAC extension is complete and error-free

3. Ensure that the device has sufficient resources to run XnView

4. Ensure that you have the latest drivers and system updates and patches installed on your device.


Steps to convert multiple FAC Files to JPG File

  • Download and Install reaConverter

reaConverter is very quick to download and then install and launch the application. You don’t need to be a professional IT Expert for that to understand how it operates in a few minutes.

  • Load FAC Files

Select the FAC File from the folder or drag-and-drop them directly into the re Converter window.

  • Choose the Output destination Folder.

Go to the “Saving” options button and decide where you want to save the newly converted JPG file.

  • Select JPG as the Output Format

Then pick up JPG as the output format. To help you in doing this, a series of buttons is conveniently placed at the bottom of the rea Converter window, so you can just press on the one you need or click on the + Plus icon to add some new options.


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