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What is a PHP file and how to open it?

What is a PHP file?

open php file


A PHP file is a webpage that includes php which refers to Hypertext preprocessor code. It may contain php functions that can practice online forms, get the date and time, or contact information from a database, like mysql database. A file with the.php file extension is a php Source Code file that includes hypertext preprocessor code. They are frequently used as web page files that generally create html from a php engine running on a web server.


The HTML context that the PHP engine generates from the code is what’s seen in the web browser. As the web server is where the php code is executed, accessing a php page does not give you access to the code but instead gives you the html content that is created by the server.php has been ported to almost every operating system and is free to use. The official php website is There is an entire Documentation section that serves as an online php manual if you want any help in learning more about what you can do with php or how it all works. Another good source for this purpose is W3Schools.


The primary version of PHP was released in 1995 and was called Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools). Changes were made all through the years with newer versions being released after every few months. Server-side scripting is the most ordinary use for php. Another instruction-line scripting where neither a browser nor server is used. These types of PHP implementations are helpful for robotic tasks.

PHP files are the syntax-highlighted files. Some PHP servers are configured to mechanically underline the syntax of files that use this file extension. This must be permitted by using the Http.conf line.



  • PHP files can include text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code
  • PHP code is executed on the server, and the conclusion is returned to the browser as plain HTML
  • PHP files have extension of.PHP


What can PHP do?

  • PHP can create vibrant page content
  • PHP can generate, open, read, write, delete, and close the files present on the server
  • PHP can gather the data
  • PHP can launch and obtain cookies
  • PHP can add, delete, adjust data in the database
  • PHP can be used to manage user-contact
  • PHP can encrypt the information

how to open php file


Why PHP?

  • PHP runs on a variety of platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • PHP is well-matched with nearly all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP holds a huge range of databases
  • PHP is free to download it from the official PHP resource:
  • PHP is easy to study and runs very capably on the server-side


How to open PHP files?

Notepad in Windows is the example of a PHP file opener, but syntax highlighting is so useful when coding in PHP that a more devoted PHP editor is typically favored. Some text editors contain syntax highlighting; watch out the list of the best text editors for some options such as visual studio code Here are some other ways for editing PHP files: Atom, text, coda, code anywhere, programmer’s notepad, Vim, and code lobster IDE

However, while these programs will allow you to editorchange PHP files, they don’t let you run a PHP server. For that, you require something like Apache Web Server. Go through the installation and configuration guide on if you need any kind of help.


Methods to open PHP files

Method 1:- on windows

  • Download and install Notepad++ on your computer. 
  • Open Notepad++
  • Tap the file
  • Tap the open bar
  • Choose your PHP file.
  • Tap on open  

Method 2:- On Mac

  • Download and install BB Edit.
  • Open Spotlight 
  • Open BB Edit.
  • Tap on file 
  • Tap on open
  • Choose your PHP file.
  • Tap on open


How to convert PHP file?

convert php file


To create PDFs from PHP, see FPDF or dom pdf. Go thoroughly the documentation on JSON encode on to gather information on how to convert PHP arrays into Javascript code in the JSON format refers to JavaScript Object Notation. This is only accessible in PHP 5.2 ends up.

You can not convert PHP files to non-text-based file formats such as  MP4 or JPG. If you have a file with the.PHP file extension that you know it should have been downloaded in a file format out of one of these, just rename the file extension from.PHP to.MP4 or whatever file format in which you want to convert.


What’s new in PHP 7?

  • PHP 7 is much quicker than the prior trendy stable release (PHP 5.6)
  • PHP 7 has enhanced Error Handling issue
  • PHP 7 holds stricter Type Declarations for function arguments
  • PHP 7 holds new operators such as the spaceship operator.


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