What is a part file and how to open it?

What is a part file?

open part fileA PART file is a file that is partially downloaded from the Internet which is used for the downloads that are still in progress or have been stopped in any manner. various PART files can be resumed later using the same program that started the download and can be completed. PART files are classically used by programs like Mozilla Firefox and a number of file transfer programs, like Go! Zilla, eMule, and the discontinued eDonkey program. PART files contain those files that have been only partially downloaded by the download application. This happens only when a user’s download manager saves a part of the file that you are downloading on your hard drive as the download is taking place.


Some of the download managers will separate huge downloads into smaller downloads, giving each part of the download the .part extension. The download manager will then merge all of the .part files into the one complete file after the downloading is finished. At this time, the collective .part files will be renamed with the appropriate file extension. Popular programs that usually use the .part file extension contain eMule and Go! Zilla. While .part files cannot be opened by themselves, there are programs that can support you in continuing the downloading and recovery process if a download is paused.

As its name suggests, this is only the PART of the source file, as the download has not completed yet. What can be done with the file is based on the type of file that is being downloaded. If it is an audio or video file, it can be able to rename the file to a.MP3,AVI or.MPG, for eg.  If you use VLC Media Player to play only that part that has been downloaded (this may or may not work as it depends on how many parts of the file has been downloaded).


How to open PART files?

  1. Partially download
  2. eDonkey (Partial Download) by MetaMachine:- eDonkey is an application that enables you to share and download files with other people worldwide. Note: MetaMachine was sued by the RIAA for patent and established the suit in Sept 2006. The software is no longer accessible for download and its further use is depressed. eMule Plus partial download) by eMule Team eMule Plus is a new generation eMule friendly client-generated to improve the source GUI.
  3. Partial Go!Zilla Download:- it is used by Mozilla products for a partial download. The file is generated for the download and, after completing, the download process of the complete file it is renamed without the.PART extension.


how to open part file


How to open incomplete file?

Even if the partial download file can not be resumed from the browser you can still try to open the file by excluding the file extension .part from the end of the filename and tap double click on the file. based on the type of file this could either open the partial file or the application that is liable for opening the file type that will report an error.

Some definite types of partial files (like video or audio files) may play a certain part of the content but most will most likely fail at the early point since video and audio compression algorithms classically save the data in other different places of the file and may look forward in the file when uncompressing.


Files with text data such as as.TXT, XML, JSON and others will be the simplest to open with the above technique. When you exclude .part from the end of the file and double tap on the file you will be able to look all textual information that is downloaded to the .part file. The file content will be cut exactly at the point where the downloading process got failed.

Certain binary file formats may still be partially restorable with this technique. For example, TAR files include a number of files combined together one after another. Even if only a part of the TAR file was downloaded you may still restore the files which are saved in the downloaded part.


How PART files problems are solved?

  1. combine the PART file extension with the correct application. On Windows, Mac, Linux or any other program, right-click on any PART file and then tap on  “Open with” > “Choose another app” button. Now choose the different program and verify the box “Always use this app to open *.part files”.
  2. Update your software that should truly open the partial download. as only the existing version holds the latest PART file format. explore, e.g. on the manufacturer website after an obtainable Partial Download update.
  3. To assure yourself that your PART file is not corrupted or virus-infected, take the file once again and scan it with Google’s virustotal.com.


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