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What is a HEIC file and how to open it?

What is HEIC file?

open heic fileThe HEIC file format was accepted by Apple in 2017 as a substitute of JPEG file format, which is more proficient in terms of size and quality, the HEIC file extension is also known as a HEIF file. It has been used in the history of Apple’s iPhone Portrait Mode, enabling much superior quality images than a usual JPEG image, among other merits. It is a new big step in the world of image file extensions and a huge way of cutting down the file sizes. though, it can be risky to know what to do with them on Windows.


A HEIC file includes one or more than one image stored in the High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), this file format commonly used to save the pictures on mobile devices. It may include one single image or a series of images with metadata that explain each image. The file extension “.heic” is most commonly used, but HEIC files may also emerge as.HEIF file. If you copy images from the recent iPhone or iPad into a PC or laptop, the probability you will see several strange HEIC files: HEIC is the new file type for images in iOS 11. That is for iPhones and iPads with an A9 processor or newer version, so iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Pro models and the recent 2017 iPad 9.7.HEIC is another name for HEIF, which is a short form of High-Efficiency Image Format. It is still the image version of the latest video codec format HEVC.


It was developed by MPEG – not Apple – so it’s not Apple trying to do its sole proprietary thing. HEIC could very well take the establishment but old and faulty JPG format. there are the number of benefits of using HEIF, even if it is a little confusing that the file is called HEIC rather than HEIF on Apple devices. Live images, just in case you were not aware, of the images with a twist: when you long-press or press tightly on a 3D Touch screen the photo comes alive and plays in the form of the short video.

Interestingly, Google is working on an image format that compresses the file sizes to an extra 15% over HEIC. Here’s why HEIC files are big:

  • Approximately half of  the size of JPG for a similar quality
  • Can save multiple numbers of images in one file (ideal for Live images and bursts)
  • Supports clearness like GIF files
  • Can also save image edits, like cropping and rotating so that you can undo them
  • Support JPG’s 8-bit vs 16-bit color.


Benefits Of HEIC

The major benefit by far of HEIC, and why anyone else would even consider it yet another image format on the web, is that HEIC images are half in the size or much smaller as compared to JPEG images, but with much better quality.


How to open HEIC file?

how to open heic file


As Apple supports HEIC on its iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra devices, its users should not have any problem in opening HEIC files. Also, they don’t have to worry about converting them before sharing them with their friends, as they will convert mechanically to JPEG files when they are shared via Apple’s multi-purpose Share sheet. If you are on Windows, you can not yet open HEIC files natively, but you can convert them by using either of the online converting services HEIC to JPG, or you can download the software to convert them into your PC. You also wanted to use one of these services if you wish to view the images as JPG on an Android device or a Linux machine.

HEIC could allow the users to take not just smaller images, but also superior-quality images of higher definition, with the least impact on their device storage. However, HEIC will truly become useful only when most of the users can open HEIC images on any program and all of the devices they use, without worrying about converting  April 2018 an update is added native support for HEIC files in Windows 10. Assuming your PC is as up to date, you don’t have to do anything much to open a HEIC file.

  1. Search the file on your PC.
  2. Double-tap on the file.
  3. It should now be opened in a Photo Preview window just like the way any other image file is opened.


How to Open  HEIC file using Windows 7 and Windows 8?

convert heic file


Opening a HEIC/HEIF file is a bit difficult on Windows 7 and 8 as there is no direct support for the file extension. The best way out is to download a tool called CopyTrans HEIC for Windows. It is a plugin that permits you to open HEIC files just as simple as any other files, with no further interaction needed once you have installed the tool.

  1. Go to the site via your web browser
  2. choose download, and then install the software.
  3. Double-tap on the HEIC file to open it.


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