What is an EMZ file and how to open it?

What is an EMZ file and how to open it?

What is EMZ file

A file with the EMZ file extension is a compressed picture file, more purposely referred to as windows compressed enhanced metafile file. These kinds of files are just gzip-compressed emf files, which is a graphics format used by Microsoft applications such as visio, word, and powerpoint.

An EMZ file contains an Enhanced Metafile (.EMF file) that has been compressed with the.GZIP compression algorithm. It is compressed to reduce the storage space and be more simply transferred between the applications. EMZ files are normally used by microsoft programs like visio and the office suite, which contains Word and PowerPoint.

The resulting EMF file decompressed from an EMZ file is a newer version of Microsoft’s Windows Metafile (WMF) file format. So as EMF files and GZIP-compressed to an EMZ file, the WMF format can be ZIP-compressed, as a resultant in a WMZ file.

A Windows Metafile file is similar to the SVG format in that they may contain bitmap and vector graphics. After opening an EMZ file with a file unzip value, you may find that there are no EMF files are there but instead files that have the.EMZ file extension. You should be able to rename these to.EMF and still use them as you would have used any EMZ file.

What is an EMZ file extension

If you wish to use EMZ in Microsoft Office, you can use it in Visio, Word, PowerPoint, and others. You can use them by selecting Insert > Pictures. 

Another method to use EMZ files in Microsoft Office applications is to drag and drop the file from the File Explorer to the Office application.

If you need a separate application to view the EMZ file, you can use the free XnConvert software. It will also help you to convert it to another format like PNG, JPEG or GIF just so that it can be used and viewed on other applications.

How to open an EMZ File

An EMZ file is a compressed file generally including the same type of graphic data. The EMZ file format is most commonly used in Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Visio. The compression service is used to compress the file as GZip, which compresses the file and appends the .emz extension at the end of the file. Gzip is a command-line service that is tough to use, and restricted in functionality, but does give a high compression ratio. EMZ files can be difficult to open because of the drawbacks of Gzip.

Methods that can be used for opening EMZ files.

  • Place  the EMZ file that you would like to view, and right-tap on the file and click on  “Copy.”
  • Open Microsoft Word, and generate a new document, and right-tap inside the document and choose Paste.
  • If the EMZ file does not emerge within the document, continue to the next section.
  • Download, install and start the program First File View see the resources for a free trial copy, and search for a location of the EMZ file that you would like to open the file in the left pane of First File View.
  • choose the file by tapping on it in the right pane.
  • Tap the “View” tab on the upper left corner of the right pane, and within a fraction of seconds, the program will decode and show the file.

How to Convert an EMZ File

The best method to convert an EMZ file is to open it in a free image converter such as  XnConvert or CoolUtils.com. You can then store the file into another file format such as JPG, PNG, or GIF, which will mostly be more helpful.

Another method to convert an EMZ file is to first extract the EMF file out of it using a file unzip tool, such as  7-Zip, as detailed above, and then use a file converter on the EMF file.


1. tap on the “Choose Files” button to choose the multiple numbers of files on your computer. You can also tap the dropdown button to select an online file from URL, Google Drive or Dropbox. picture file size can be up to 200M.

2. select the target image size and image format. You can use the original picture size or choose the “Change width and height” option and enter the size of the image. The format is [width]x[height], for example: 1920×1080.

3. tap on the “Convert Now!” button to start up the batch conversion. It will automatically retry another server if one gets failed, please be patient during converting. The resultant files will be listed in the “Conversion Results” section. Click the icon to display file QR code or save the file to online storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

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