What is a DO file and how to open it?

What is DO file?

open do fileDO file, it is a web-based Java program that is run by a web server that supports Java, like Tomcat or IBM WebSphere. It is normally mapped to the Struts controller, that processes the file. DO files are used for creating versatile web pages. The files that include the .do file extension are normally used to create versatile Web pages for the websites on the Internet. The DO files include Java program pages that have been generated with the reason of being run by a web server, with the data then being transferred back to the user’s Web browser.


Files with the .do file extension work almost in the same way as a PHP file works. The DO files are also said to be Java Struts Application Files as the DO file provides a related URL with the capacity to “map”   specified Struts actions. The DO file type is firstly related to Oracle Application Server by Oracle Corporation. A website page with Oracle Database is made with the Java EE. The .DO file uses the Oracle Application Server for making a dynamic HTML page (just like a PHP server that uses a .PHP file).


A file having the.DO file extension may be a Java Servlet file. It is used by the Java web servers to deliver web-based Java applications. Some of the DO files that may instead be Stata Batch Analysis files. These are generally called dofiles and also the plain text files that include a list of instructions that are to be implemented together in a sequence. alike to Stata files is the Model Sim macro file format that uses the.DO file extension to save macro-associated instructions used with Libero SoC. These are usually PDFs downloaded from a website that, for one reason or another, were incorrectly given the wrong file extension.


How to Open DO File?

If it’s a Java Servlet file, you should be able to open the DO file Apache Tomcat, or possibly Apache struts.


how to open do file


These are also plain text files that can be viewed and edited with any text editor program. DO file extension to.PDF and look if it opens with a PDF reader like Sumatra or Adobe Reader

The best way to open a DO file is to just simply double-tap on it and let the default application related to it open the file. If you are unable to open the file with this method, it may be as you do not have the appropriate application concerned with the extension to view or edit the DO file.


How to Convert DO File?

If a Java Servlet file can be converted in any other format, it is most probably done with the Apache programs that are mentioned above. Opening the file in the application and then look for some kind of Save as or Export menu that will let you save the DO file in any other file format.

Stata Batch Analysis files can, of course, be converted to other text-based formats such as TXT but it is only helpful if you want to go through the instructions. If you end up changing the file format into TXT, and you still need to run the commands with Stata, you have to mention the file extension in the command e.g. do myfile.txt in place of doing my file, which assumes the.DO file extension.


The exact is true for Model Sim DO files; try using the menu within Libero SoC to convert the file or plug the macro’s text into a text editor and save it into a new text-based format.

If your file has given the.DO file extension by mistake but should have the.PDF suffix, you don’t have to bother about converting the DO file into PDF. rather, just rename the.DO file extension to.PDF so that your PDF reader can recognize the file.


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