Open CMD file & how to open it on mac, window?

What is a CMD file?

open cmd fileCMD stands for the command file and these files have the .cmd or .bat extension. It is store commands in plain text organization that can be opened with the text tool, similar to Notepad. Your own CMD files can likewise be made with the word processor by including at least one orders separate lines and sparing the file as a CMD file, and the information ought to have the .cmd file extension. The CMD file is itself a text file with a solitary order on each line. An order brief is a helpful instrument that permits you to do a few things quicker than it very well may be done in the realistic interface by any stretch of the imagination. The CMD prompts also support a wide range of shrewd console alternate routes that make it considerably increasingly powerful as it is anything but difficult to open the order brief from the Start menu.


It is a content file that remembers at least one orders for the plain content file group that are raced to perform various undertakings. It is fundamentally the same as a.BAT file, which is commonly used to spare a clump of executable orders. The contents in the CMD files are for the most part produced to play out the dull assignments that need numerous means, such as opening and changing over a file in the program, making a reinforcement file, or setting the PC to rest at a particular time.


How to open CMD prompt in Windows 10 ?


Windows + X Power Users menu

Hit Windows + X to open the power user menu and then click on the “command prompt.”


Task manager

Open the file menu

Select the “Run New Task”

Type”CMD” in it  or “cmd.exe” and click OK


Open Command in Admin Mode from Task Manager

open the file menu and then hold the ctrl key by tapping on “Run New Task.” 

This will immediately open a cmd prompt with administrative privileges.

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Start menu search

It can be opened the command prompt by just clicking on the start menu and then typing “cmd” in the search box.

Other than this, tap on the microphone icon in the Cortana’s search bar and say, “Launch the command prompt.”


With Administrative Privileges

Right-tap on the result and then click on “Run as Administrator.”


File explorer

Open the file explorer and then search for windows in the C Drive and search the system32 folder.

Double-tap on the “cmd.exe” file or right-click on the file and select “Run as Administrator.”


 Run Box

Press the Windows+R keys to open the “Run” box on the keyboard.

Type “cmd” and then click on “OK” to open a regular command prompt.


File Explorer Address Bar

Click on the Address Bar to select it.

Type “cmd” into the address bar and enter to open the command prompt with the path of the current folder that already exists.


File explorer file menu

In file explore, search any folder that you want to open at the command prompt. select any one of the options:

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Open Command Prompt within the selected folder with standard permissions.
  • Open a command prompt as an administrator.
  • Open Command Prompt within the selected folder with administrator permissions.


how to open cmd file


How to convert file format through CMD ?

Step 1:- reach out to your “C” Drive or any other drive.

Step 2:- Create a new folder there and name it anything you want.

Step 3:- Now create any file whose format you want to convert.

Step 4:- enter Win+R to open the “Run” command and then type cmd and press Enter.

Step 5:- Type the desired file location and press Enter.

Step 6:- Type the desired file format int which you want to convert.

Step 7:- right-click on the file and select the Properties button from the drop-down and verify your changed format of the converted file. 


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