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What is an INI file, and how to open it?

What is an INI file?

ini fileAn INI file is a configuration file that is used by the Windows Programs to initialize the settings of the program. It includes the sections for the settings and preferences as well with each section, including one r more name and value parameters. The INI file format is an open standard for the configuration files of computing platforms and other software. These files are the simple text files with a basic structure comprises of sections, properties, and values. INI files were mainly used by the applications to store their settings. The name “INI file” stands for “initialization”.many other common initialization file extensions are.CFG, .conf and .TXT particularly CONFIG SYS and config.txt occurrences.


 All the files that are generated in the INI file format are generated by the windows OS to serve as the settings files that include the configurations of the Windows-based computer. Also known as the Windows Initialization files, these INI files are appended with the.INI file extension. They are updated whenever the user or the system makes certain changes to the original or default configurations of the Windows OS. INI files are used by the systems to incorporate into the Windows-based computer the settings and configurations found in these.INI files.   


How to open INI file?

The INI file extension used by the different file types as well as the various programs; many times, it becomes very difficult to find out which of the program is to be used. So when you need to open an INI file, you just have to start by double-tapping on the particular File, and still, if it doesn’t open, or any problem occurs, follow the steps listed down: 


Step 1:- Use of Different Software Programs

If you are not holding the correct application installed on your personal computer, the best action you can take is to start installing some of the standard applications that are associated with opening this INI file.  


Step 2:-By Using File Type as a Clue

these files are usually the original files that look for a particular application that opens, mainly the file types. If you are not sure about the file type, you need first to understand the type of the File within the INI file itself.


open ini file


Step 3:-Ask Developer

When you are unable to open the INI file after every possible step, the very last option is to contact the developer of a particular software  only the developer can provide you the best opportunity to open up the INI File 


Step 4:-By Using Universal file viewer

Lastly, even if the developer is unable to help you out in opening an INI file. Without giving any thought to your mind check the Universal File Viewer like File Magic, these can support any of the file formats and will easily open up your File (No matter in which file format it is holding), but you need to make sure that most of those files are incompatible so they will still get opened but in binary format.


How To Convert INI file to PDF file?

Method 1:- By using Print to PDF on Windows

  • Firstly open up the File that is to be converted.
  • Open the “Print” menu.
  • Click on the current Printer’s name.
  • Click on the Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Click on the Print button.
  • Enter the name for your Document.
  • Then select a save location of the File.
  • Click on the Save button.


how to open ini file


Method 2:- By using Preview on Mac

  • Firstly understand this that which File you can turn into the PDFs with preview.
  • Then select the File.
  • Click on the File
  • Then select the “Open With” command
  • Click on the Preview button
  • Click on the File again
  • Click on Export as PDF command
  • Enter a name for the File
  • choose the location where you want to save your File
  • Then click on the Save button.


Method 3:- By using File Menu on Mac.

  • Firstly understand this that which File you can turn into the PDFs with preview.
  • Then open your Document
  • Click on the file button
  • Click on the Print button.
  • Click on the “PDF” menu
  • Click on the Save As PDF
  • Enter the name of your File.
  • Then select the location you want to save your File
  • Click on the Save button.


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