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What is the CFG file and how to open it?

What is CFG file?

open cfg fileCFG is a configuration file format that is usually used for storage settings. These files can be created by many programs for storing information and settings that are somewhat different from the factory defaults. CFG files generally appear as the text files and can be opened by the word processors though it is not recommended anywhere still it’s in use. These are the settings files that are used by the Celestia, which is a 3D universe simulation program.  Which saves the information in the form of plain text format. The editing and the deletion of the program will have to be performed very carefully as the little improper changes will lead to the failure of the uploading process of the data in the system.


It can be opened and modified with the help of any of the text editing applications. It is not recommended generally to convert CFG files into any other file formats without having the complete knowledge of the settings what are they responsible for. If an incorrect value or setting has been written in the CFG file then the application which would be using it may stop functioning and creates a problem to the user. So it is always asked to first have a backup configuration file before changing or start editing it.  If you have multiple numbers of configuration files in other different formats that you want to manage then it is appropriate to do it with the Config app.


Types of CGG files


There are 7 types of CFG files

  1. Celestia configuration file
  2. MAME configuration file
  3. Citrix server connection file
  4. Cal3D model configuration file
  5. The lightwave configuration file
  6. Configuration file
  7. Wesnoth markup language file.


How to edit CFG file and save as a CFG file?


how to open cfg file


  1. Click on the windows start button
  2. Type the name of the file in the search box you want to edit and tap enter
  3.  Right-click on the CFG  file streaming in the results window.
  4. Click on the open with popup menu
  5. Click on notepad button displayed in the popup window’s list of programs
  6. View the file and edit the specifications that you wanted to edit.
  7. Press the “ctrl+S” key to save the edited changes of the file and the file will be saved with the same file format like earlier.


Software that open CFG files


  1. Citrix access client
  2. proximation
  3. Celestia
  4. notepad
  5. Microsoft word


  1. Celestia


  1. Citrix access client
  2. Celestia


How to open CFG files?

For Windows OS

  1. Select the CFG file that you want to open in the windows file explorer and right-click on it.
  2. Select the open with a button from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the notepad application to open the file.
  4. Check the button “always use this app to open CFG files.
  5. You can now open your file and edit it.


cfg file


For Mac

The process of opening the CFG file in mac is as similar as of windows. Mac has some different programs to open the file which are

  • TextMate
  • MacVim
  • TextEdit


How to convert a CFG file?

There is not a very huge reason for converting the CFG file into any other file format as it is not required since the program uses the file in the same file format as its original version.

  • CFG file conversion may, therefore, result in the program that uses the default settings or unaware of how to do the work at all.
  • Gelatin is one of the tools that convert the text files such as CFG or CONFIG files into many other different file formats like XML, JASON, or YAML.
  • Mapforce can also work as well.
  • Any other text editor can also convert the CFG file or CONFIG file as what you just require is to open the file with many other different file programs.

For example, you may use a text editor to save a CFG file with the .txt file format so that you can open it with NOTEPAD  by default.

However this not really changes the file format from CFG to TXT  it would remain the same as the original one.


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